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I'm Kieran an online health and fitness coach and I help time poor young professionals fitter, stronger and looking amazing naked. I help them to prioritise their health and show them that being healthy doesn't mean sacrificing fun, good food or having drinks with their friends.

My journey through health and fitness evolved from my passion for boxing. As it is a sport where you need to be a certain weight to fight I became focused on how I could become as lean and athletic as I could whilst ensuring my  my health was at it's optimal level so that I was performing to the best of my ability both physically and mentally. As I have moved away from boxing as my profession my goal in life is to help you do the same; get in the greatest shape possible while getting fitter and healthier!

Lights Out was the moniker i picked up due to me winning a large amount of fights via KO and due to my business organically growing from the athletic nature of my life it was only right that it received the same title

My goal is to help you look better naked, move better and feel more empowered.


Personal Training

Get In AmazingShape

Personal Training sessions with up to two people. You will still have a bespoke training plan tailored to you with the benefits of having another there to ensure you push yourself to your fullest.

Online Coaching 

Become your best self

Let me guide you to getting the body you desire with my online coaching. After a consultation and defining a clear goal I will create you a bespoke nutrition plan and full training program to get you your ideal body and to ensure you make the most efficient use of your time in the gym. You will have 24/7 contact with myself plus a 1 to 1 catch up call each week.


Feel Your Best

As a qualified sports massage therapist as massage has a vital in optimising your physical and mental performance.

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12 week home workout guide with live sem

Ladies 12 Week Home Body Sculpt Guide

Look Good, Feel Good

Improve your Body shape, health and fitness with my online 12 week training and nutrition plan

Lights Out Level Up Recipes

My Really  Tasty & Healthy Recipes

Get 12 Ultra Tasty and Super Healthy Recipes sent to your inbox every month for FREE

12 Week Online Training Program with Live Semi Private PT Classes

Become the healthiest version of YOU

Get my 12 week online Home training package, with nutrition plan and support, 2 Live PT Classes with me a week with only 6 people allowed access to ensure it remains personal, weekly check ins, access to my private weekly group video calls, Private WhatsApp support group

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Client Testimonials

Hear What Others Have to Say


I met Kieran through my local gym in 2018 and I was so relieved by his friendly and cheery disposition. I told him that I was new to the gym world and loved pasta and cheese as much as the next gal! He informally assessed and recorded my fitness and asked what I wanted to achieve with regards to my health. He was very calm and encouraging with me and even at 5am his shiny face still managed to transport me onto a treadmill and after a tough day at work he would always crack a smile.He never shouted at me or made me feel intimidated which was my worse fear and I’ve heard some awful PT stories.  He educated me on gym equipment and what sort of fitness sessions I should be doing in my own time. Kieran also provided me with great menu plans and nutrition advice. Kieran also organised fantastic team activities which was a lovely opportunity to meet everyone else who he trains. We also enjoyed seeing him box!2 years on I have made a wonderful friend and have achieved everything that I wanted to fitnesses wise and I hope to return for more!


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