Quality or Quantity??? 

Updated: Jan 10

Focus on food quality as well as quantity When looking to really optimise your health and improve your body shape there are two essential factors that you need pay full attention too, food quantity and food quality. Now the food quantity aspect refers to your caloric intake, simply put your body fat and your body weight is completely dictated by your calories and as you've probably heard a million times before, calories are king. So when looking to optimise your health being of a certain body fat level is essential as being above a healthy body weight and having too much body fat is significantly detrimental to your health and increases your risk of getting a huge amount of Illnesses, diseases and the likes and getting your body fat and weight to its optimal level will come down to the food quantity. Now the food quality is vital when looking to achieve the body you want especially when you have excess fat and will look to slim down. Food quality is so important because when you are eating in a calorie deficit, (which for optimal fat loss is 150 - 300 calories beneath your maintenance calories which is the amount you need to eat to stay the same weight) the key to success is ensuring adequate satiation (feeling full) at every meal. This is the one biggest down fall of the old iifym style of eating which has evolved into the healthier flexible dieting where you have your set calories and macronutrients and fit in what ever foods you can but the iifym approach consisted of fitting as much junk in there as possible although that wasn't how it started out but it took that form due to the poptart living bodybuilders touted it. Flexible dieting and iifym are the same thing though it's just their image that is different but essentially what they both mean is that theres a certain amount of calories and macronutrients you can have a day to reach your goal whether that be weight loss, gain or maintenance and as long as you hit your desired calories and ensure that you reach your target macronutrients (protein, fats and carbs) . Tips to feeling full are make sure you're eating lot of fibrous veggies like leafy and cruciferous vegetables as fiber breaks down slowly in the gut so helps you feel full and salad bits and fibrous veg are low calorie per gram so your best bang for your buck. Secondly a high protein diet really helps for satiation too as does good quality fats again this is due to their slower break down in the gut but also they don't much of an effect on your blood sugar unlike carbs which get broken down a lot faster and have a much more drastic effect on your blood sugar leading to you getting hungry a lot faster. Having food high in quality refers to things like fruits, vegetables basically natural, single ingredient foods which are packed with micronutrients and highly nutritious which is vital to optimise your health as health is more than just body weight. Nutritious foods unfortunately don't get consumed nearly enough in these modern times with only a third of the recommend daily intake being consumed of fiber and most people failing to eat at least 7 portions of fruit and veg a day. Nutrients fuel the cells in your body and I think this lack of nutrition has such a ohuge impact on things like your mental health, emotions and physical health issues. If you do suffer with any of those I'd ramp up your veg intake and have a couple of servings of fruit a day too and I guarantee you will feel 1000 times better that's obviously as long as you don't have any underlying health issues. Anyway to round up just ensure that you are focusing on food quality and much as the food quantity and watch your body shape, health and how good you feel hugely improve.

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